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Midwifery and Lactation support in Southeastern Wisconsin

7 Birds Midwifery Services

Midwifery Services

serving Southeastern Wisconsin

I offer out of hospital prenatal and birth (including waterbirth) support to families in Southeastern Wisconsin.  I currently have two offices; a home office in Williams Bay, WI, and one in Milwaukee (Bayview), WI at the Well-Rounded Maternity Center, where I conduct prenatal care.  

Lactation Support

In-home assessment for newborns and in-office consultations for older babies

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I can provide assessment of the latch, milk supply, and schedule.  I can also provide initial support and referral to a IBCLC if needed.  I am happy to see families with newborns (less than 2 weeks old) in the home and moms with nursing babies older than 2 weeks old, in my office.  There is a fee for this service but is included in my fee for families that birth with me.  

Placenta Encapsulation

Raw or dried preparations

Placenta consumption (in various forms) is practiced by almost all mammals.  With a few excpetions, mammals consume the placenta after the birth of their young for various reasons.  It is believed that wild mammals do this to conceal evidence of a newly born, and vulnerable, baby.  Another theory is that this act is a natural part of the birth process to serves to assist in minimizing blood loss, speed healing, and initiating lactation.  Naturally, we can't ask them why, but we can honor the innate wisdom of our fellow mammals and participate in this ritual as well.  However, many of us are not interested in eating the placenta, yet we can still benefit from is healing properties.  Placenta Encapsulation has become very popular in the last 10 years and the anecdotal reviews from mothers has been overwhelming positive.  Mothers report feeling less emotional, more energetic and that milk comes in sooner and more plentiful.  This service is offered at a discount for my clients.